About Us

A Few Things About Us

We are a local couple running a small business in Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. We love beautifying people’s homes and businesses with our services. Our objective is to enhance people’s lives and their environment with our services, skills and personalities.

William R King

William has been cleaning windows, siding and gutters professionally since 2005.  He has exterior cleaning and maintenance experience dating back to 1999.  He also has janitorial experience dating back to 1993.  He loves restoring buildings, walkways, glass and gutters to their former beauty and takes pride in his work.

Natasha Dean-King

Natasha has over 17 years experience in office management and related skills.  She is highly skilled at structuring companies and taking them to ‘the next level.’  She knows how to prioritize tasks and is extremely efficient at getting things done.  She is also an excellent motivator.  She mainly runs the office, yet when people prefer a woman in their house, she will clean inside windows as requested.

Serving Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford + Chilliwack since 2005. Window, siding, gutter, cleaning, roof demoss treatment, pressure washing + more!