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When is the best time of year to have my windows cleaned?

Any time of year is a great time to have your windows cleaned. Rain or shine, we have various techniques for cleaning windows year round. If you have a windows above a wood roof, we will likely need to access them on a dry weather day (preferably a sunny day) for safety reasons.


What techniques do you use for cleaning windows?

Inside we will always do a traditional squeegee clean of windows and a wipe of the frames and sills.

Outside we typically will do a squeegee clean (up to 3 stories max).

In some cases we will need to clean windows and frames with a water fed pole and brush system.  When windows are 3-5 stories high or if they are virtually impossible to access by ladder, this system allows us to safely clean them from the ground.

Check out our YouTube channel to see our techniques in action.


When is the best time of year to have my gutters cleaned?

Ideally, the best time to have gutters vacuumed out is after all the leaves have fallen from nearby trees.    In the fall, October / November  are great months to have gutters cleaned out.  In the spring, March / April are great months also.

If your gutters are plugged and overflowing the best time is always as soon as possible, before any water damage occurs to your home.


What techniques do you use for cleaning gutters?

When cleaning inside gutters, we may need to utilize multiple techniques some of which may include: scooping debris into a bucket, removing branches and pine cones by hand, vacuuming smaller debris, and performing a final rinse to ensure flow.

When cleaning the outside of gutters (exterior) we first apply a soapy solution to soften any accumulation of dirt, algae, mold, and moss etc.  Then we proceed to gently scrub it off with the soft brush of our water-fed pole system.

Depending numerous factors, gutters may not look perfect, yet they will look considerably cleaner than before.  We hope to surprise you with the results.


When is the best time of year to have my roof cleaned?

The dry, summer months are ultimately the best time of year to have a roof cleaned. This is primarily for safety reasons and it’s also a very practical time to remove roof moss that has had time to dry out and loosen.  When moss is watered consistently, it’s roots strengthen and it can be harder to fully remove all of the roots.

After 2-3 dry, sunny days, moss generally dries out, becomes dormant, and can be removed much easier.


What techniques do you use for cleaning roofs?

Cleaning a roof depends on what you want cleaned off and how you prefer to have it cleaned.  We have multiple techniques for cleaning roofs.

If you have nearby trees that drop a lot of foliage, we can sweep/blow the debris into piles and bag it.

If you have moss growing on your roof, we offer multiple options for cleaning it:

  1. An eco-safe, hydrogen peroxide roof treatment to kill moss, lichens, and mold. (Removes some moss.)
  2. A de-moss sweep of your roof to loosen moss and expedite removal.
  3. A final rinse to wash moss, lichen, and debris from off the roof.

Since everything that that comes off the roof falls into the gutters we always include gutter vacuuming with moss removal & roof cleaning quotes.


Which technique should I choose for keeping my roof clean & moss free?

We can treat your roof once a year to keep your roof looking clean and to prevent moss regrowth.  We use an Eco-safe hydrogen peroxide solution that will kill moss, mold, algae, lichens and significantly slow regrowth.  It can be safely applied and left on your roof.  Every time it rains your roof will gradually softly rinse cleaner.

The Roof Treatment option will extend the life of your roof.  (Please note that some moss may remain on the roof, yet it will be dead.)

To expedite the cleaning process we can provide a de-moss sweep and/or rinse of your roof.  This process also requires an inside clean of your gutters to remove the debris that has come off the roof.

Sweeping & rinsing a roof will increase the cost due to necessary safety steps and significantly higher word load and we know you will be amazed by the results!


How frequently should I have my roof cleaned and/or treated?

If your roof is prone to moss growth, we recommend having your roof treated with our hydrogen peroxide solution every 1-2 years prior to the rainy season.  Anytime from spring thru fall are a great time to treat roofs.

Once moss has been removed and your roof has been cleaned your roof will not need to be cleaned again as long as your roof is treated every 1-2 years and debris is blown / swept off the roof yearly.


When is the best time of year to have my siding / house exterior cleaned?

We can safely & gently clean most types of siding, brick and/or stucco year round rain or shine.  The exception is when temperatures are close to and/or below the freezing point.

What techniques do you use for cleaning building exteriors?

When cleaning siding & gutter exteriors, we use a soft brush water-fed system that can reach up to 50 feet vertically.

For stucco, concrete, and/or masonry type surfaces, we can provide a power wash and we can safely reach up to 30 feet high.


When is the best time of year to have pressure washing done?

Anytime from spring to fall when temperatures are above 5 degrees Celsius overnight, we can do pressure washing as long as water restrictions allow it in the city we’re working in.  If you have any questions about water restrictions, please contact your cities engineering department or website for more information.


What is the best order to have services done?

We recommend starting from the top down.  If higher areas are cleaned after lower areas, the lower areas will likely be dirtied again.

The best order would be:

  1. Roof Cleaning
  2. Gutter Cleaning
  3. Pressure Washing
  4. House Wash
  5. Window Cleaning


What will each service cost?

Individual regular prices can range from $149 to $299+ depending on the size of the job and various factors taken into consideration such as: risk, safety, difficulty level, height, building size, size + scale of project, time involved, necessary equipment and tools, number of nearby trees, accessibility, distance to work site, etc.

When 3 or more services are requested together, we typically offer slightly reduced rates for each service.  This could potentially save you $100’s when scheduling multiple services together at the same time.


What do you accept as pay options?

We accept cash, Interac e-transfers, cheques payable to “William R King“, Apple Pay, and Credit cards (credit cards are securely processed online by Square + include a small convenience fee.)


What is the best way to hire us?

We always provide a free quote for each service prior to scheduling any appointment.  Since we are not always available by phone, the best/fastest way to hire us is to request a free quote thru our website.   You can request a free quote by clicking here.

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