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5 Reasons Why William is the Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley, BC

5 Reasons Why William is the Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley

In the serene landscapes of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, maintaining the clarity and charm of your windows is a testament to your care for your home. Amidst the options available, there’s one name that quietly shines with experience, dedication, and reliability: William R. King. With over two decades of service, William isn’t just a window cleaner; he’s a partner in preserving the beauty and integrity of your home’s exterior.

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Welcome to William R. King’s Services – The Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley

Step into a world where window cleaning is more than just a chore—it’s a craft perfected by William R. King over 20 years. William’s journey has been one of continuous learning and growth, earning the trust of homeowners across the Fraser Valley. Yet, his expertise goes beyond windows. From siding to gutters and roofs, William offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance your home’s allure.

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Embracing Excellence, One Window at a Time – By The Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley

What defines William is his unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Each window, siding panel, gutter, and roof receives his gentle touch, ensuring your home radiates with unparalleled brilliance. With a loyal clientele that returns year after year, William’s reputation as the preferred choice for window cleaning speaks volumes about his humility and proficiency.

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Why Choose William R. King? (The Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley)

Choosing a window cleaner is about more than just cleanliness; it’s about entrusting your home to someone who understands its significance. Here’s why William R. King is the preferred choice for homeowners:

  1. Experience Honed with Time: With over two decades of experience, William brings a depth of knowledge and skill to every project, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.
  2. Comprehensive Care: From windows to siding, gutters, and roofs, William offers multiple solutions, alleviating the burden of multiple contractors and ensuring seamless results.
  3. A Commitment to Quality: William’s commitment to excellence means that every task is approached with humility and care, resulting in a home that feels truly cherished.
  4. Customer-Centric Service: As a homeowner himself, William understands the importance of trust and reliability, delivering personalized, respectful service that reflects his genuine care for your home.
  5. A Legacy of Trust: With William R. King, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re welcoming a trusted friend into your home—a friend who values your satisfaction above all else.
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The Gentle Art of Professional Window Cleaning: A Simple Guide by The Best Window Cleaner in the Fraser Valley

While William R King is your trusted guide to professional window cleaning, understanding the process can deepen your appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.

Here’s a brief overview of what William will do when you choose to hire him to clean your windows:

  1. Prepare with Care: He will carefully clear the area around the windows as required — then he will bring his cleaning equipment inside such as a tool belt, bucket with a gentle cleaning solution, squeegee, cloth or sponge, and ladder (as needed).
  2. Embrace the Process:  He will gently apply the cleaning solution, scrubbing the glass gently, allowing it to work its magic on your windows’ surfaces.
  3. Simplicity in Action: He will gently squeegee the glass dry, working his way from the top down, wiping the squeegee clean with a cloth after each pass.
  4. A Gentle Touch: He will use a cotton cloth to gently wipe away any water drops along the windows edges and any remaining streaks or spots.
  5. Celebrate the Result: You can then admire the newfound clarity of your windows, knowing that every effort was made to ensure their shiny clean appearance was done with with humility and care.

In conclusion, when it comes to entrusting your home’s windows to a humble professional, William R. King stands as a beacon of reliability and integrity. With his quiet expertise and genuine commitment to your satisfaction, William is the trusted ally you need to keep your home shining bright, year after year.

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How to Clean French Panes in 5 Steps [VIDEO]

How-to Clean French Pane Windows

In the above video, William demonstrates how to do a construction clean of French pane glass on a residential home.

The secret is to apply very little water to the glass when cleaning.  Using too much water on this style of window will likely cause water to remain in the frame and release later causing runs that leave unsightly residue on the glass.

When wetting your applicator, first dunk it, then wring it out really good so there is very little water left in it. Using a slightly wet applicator is  key to cleaning this style of window.

5 Steps for Cleaning French Panes


Step 1: Wet the panes from bottom to top

Step 2: Carefully blade the panes to remove paint (use a new blade at your own risk)

Step 3: Wet the panes a second time from bottom to top

Step 4: Squeegee the panes dry from top to bottom

Step 5: Detail the edges of the panes with a clean, dry cloth

You can do this yourself if you have the right tools for the job or you can hire us to do it for you.

If you live in Fraser Valley, BC, Canada and are looking for someone to clean your windows, you can request a free quote today by requesting a quote below.