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How to Clean French Panes in 5 Steps [VIDEO]

How-to Clean French Pane Windows

In the above video, William demonstrates how to do a construction clean of French pane glass on a residential home.

The secret is to apply very little water to the glass when cleaning.  Using too much water on this style of window will likely cause water to remain in the frame and release later causing runs that leave unsightly residue on the glass.

When wetting your applicator, first dunk it, then wring it out really good so there is very little water left in it. Using a slightly wet applicator is  key to cleaning this style of window.

5 Steps for Cleaning French Panes


Step 1: Wet the panes from bottom to top

Step 2: Carefully blade the panes to remove paint (use a new blade at your own risk)

Step 3: Wet the panes a second time from bottom to top

Step 4: Squeegee the panes dry from top to bottom

Step 5: Detail the edges of the panes with a clean, dry cloth

You can do this yourself if you have the right tools for the job or you can hire us to do it for you.

If you live in lower mainland, BC, Canada and are looking for someone to clean your windows, you can request a free quote today by visiting our quote request.

Cleaning Windows at Auto Dealerships


Cleaning glass at automobile dealers can present numerous challenges. It is good to have a moderate to high skill set when washing exterior glass at dealerships. Reason being is that there are many situations/tasks that a beginner/newbie window cleaner may not have the experience to tackle skillfully. This is not to say that it cannot be done by a beginner.

It is always recommended to hire an experienced window cleaner who has numerous years of experience working around parked cars, moving cars, awnings, signs, customers, displays, etc. If you are a property manager or a strata member, you know that you don’t want to have someone on the job who may not know what they’re doing and is unaware of their surroundings.

When you hire a professional who has multiple years of experience cleaning thousands and thousands of different types of windows and glass utilizing different methods, you know you can be at ease because you’ve hired a qualified professional.

Sometimes it may cost slightly more to hire a more experienced window cleaner than it might even cost hiring a larger company with a fleet of vehicles and lesser experienced workers. There is no price for peace of mind though.

When people of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia hire us, they experience not only clean, sparkling windows. They are also grateful for choosing a professional, whose focus is on safety, great customer service and quality.

If you are a property manager, manage a strata, auto dealership or business, you are welcome to fill in a quote request form here. Thank you for visiting. We hope you have a great day.


Free Window Cleaning Contest


This month, I’d like to offer a giveaway worth $300.00 to 1 lucky person who desperately needs their windows cleaned, but can’t afford it.

Can you think of anyone you know who could use free window cleaning mid-March 2014? If you can’t think of anyone personally, feel free to share this post on your timeline to spread the word. Please confirm they are okay with you sharing their info before entering someone.

For this person to win, it will require someone to sponsor them on our Facebook page timeline. If you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page, you can either share a brief video, picture and/or a short story of someone you wish to sponsor. It can be a relative or anyone else you know who lives in Langley or Surrey only.

So if you personally know someone who really needs their windows cleaned, but cannot do it themselves, or maybe they can’t afford it and you would like to sponsor them, please share the reasons why you think this special someone should win on our Facebook page.

There is no need to reveal their identity. You can keep it anonymous. We will privately message the sponsor of the winning candidate before announcing the winner.

The contest will close Feb 28, 2014 at midnight.  The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page during the week of March 10, 2014 and we will schedule their service for sometime in mid-March.

Please share this post on your Facebook timeline, if you like.

Thank you for in advance for making someone’s day/month/year.

A few rules:
– sponsor’s must ‘like’ our LangleyWindowCleaning Facebook page to qualify.  Click here for access.
– contest is open only to residents who live in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
– sponsored one must live in either Langley or Surrey please.

Free Window Cleaning Facebook Page Contest deadline is midnight Feb 28, 2014.


Yay!  Seattle Seahawks!

House Washing

When it comes to house washing, there are many methods and techniques to clean the exterior of your home. Whether you have vinyl siding, gutters, windows and/or a deck with railing that is dirty, typically we can get it clean again.

When you decide to hire us to beautify your house and/or business, our qualified, experienced professional will methodically start at the top and work their way down. On a typical house exterior cleaning job where our client’s order gutters (in and out), siding washing, window/screens cleaned, and deck/patio/walk/driveway power washing this is how we do it.

1. Gutters (In):

We begin with a good vacuuming and rinsing of the inside of your gutters.



2. Gutters (out):

We apply a solution to the outside of your gutters to loosen any dirt and algae. Then we gently scrub the exterior of the gutter with a long water fed pole and brush system. (See our YouTube Channel for a demonstration)



3. Vinyl siding, decks and railings:

Next, we apply a cleaning solution to all of the siding, railings and decks to be cleaned to loosen any dirt and algae. We follow that with a gentle brush scrub with the water fed pole system for higher, hard to reach areas. On the lower level areas, we carefully power wash the siding to the ground. In some cases, our client’s request a brush wash from top to bottom.





4. Window cleaning:

When it comes to high windows 4-5 floors above ground, our qualified and experienced professional will utilize our water fed pole and brush system to safely scrub and rinse not only the window glass, but also the frames and tracks as best he can.

If you desire to have your windows hand scrubbed and dried by squeegee, we can safely reach most windows up to 3 floors above ground.


5. Walkways and driveways:

The finishing touch to having the exterior of your home beautified is to have your concrete walks and driveway pressure washed by a qualified professional.


If you live in lower mainland British Columbia and require any of the above services, you can request a free quote here. A representative will be in touch as soon as reasonably possible.

Choosing The Best Window Cleaner for You

Choose The Best

There are many excellent window cleaning companies in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. So what is the best way to find the best window cleaner for you?

First, it is not necessary to decide to choose us as your image enhancement specialist. You can search the yellow pages, browse ads, make some phone calls and hire who you choose. This is the traditional method of hiring services you require.

Second, you may search online for the services you require and happen to come across a website such as this from a local business and choose to support local small businesses.

Third, you may hear about an excellent customer experience from a trusted friend or associate and decide to go with their recommendations to hire this company.

And fourth, after searching the various options and calculating the data based on your experience in life, many people make choices based on their gut feeling.

In our day and age, many companies are no longer focused on making sure their client’s experience is the best possible. Customer service has appeared to go down hill somewhat.

At Langley Window Cleaning I pride myself in providing the best possible experience from the initial phone call, through the quote process to the end product of a superior clean image of your home and business.

I love cleaning windows, siding and gutters. I promise to treat your home as if it was my own by being extra cautious and respectful of your building and property. I am looking forward to hearing from you when you make the decision to call me today for a quote. When you require a quote for our services, you are very welcome to contact us via our contact page.

In the end, it is your choice who you decide to hire to clean your windows, gutters and siding. I hope that you would consider choosing me to be your image enhancement specialist. Whether you choose to hire me or not, I am very grateful you have visited my website.

You are welcome to view video’s via my YouTube channel.  Please help support local business by clicking ‘like’ on my FaceBook page. This really helps support local businesses whether you decide to hire us or not.

Thank you very much for visiting my website and I look forward to being your window cleaner.

Vancouver Window Cleaner

Now Serving ~ Vancouver to Abbotsford, BC

In this video, you will discover secrets window cleaners don’t want you to know about. You will also hear benefits you can enjoy if you were to call & hire me to be your image enhancement specialist. Learn how to save money while enjoying clean windows in your home, business, or condo complex.

Since I began cleaning windows professionally more than 8 years ago, I have become more skilled at delivering a greater quality of service to my clients. Upon completion of my view enhancement services, my clients share rave reviews with their neighbors and friends.

I am so happy and grateful for the many referrals my clients generously give to their friends family and neighbors, since this keeps increasing by business, and enables me to better serve more people in the Lower Mainland. Since I don’t rely on traditional forms of advertising and marketing, I am immensely grateful to my many clients that they consider me to be their personal image enhancement specialist.

If you live in the Fraser valley of British Columbia and are considering hiring a reliable, trustworthy, reasonable priced, qualified professional, you need not look any further. You can call me directly on my phone for a free quote today.

If you would like to see demonstrations of some of my services, you can visit my YouTube channel and view some video’s before you decide to call me for quality services.

Vancouver, BC is a beautiful place to live. The summer months tend to be the season that many people hire their window cleaning professionals, yet any time of year is always a great time to hire your window cleaner today.

There is a myth that rain makes windows dirty. This is untrue. Even though Vancouver tends to have a lot of rain throughout the year, rain does not dirty up windows. Dust, pollen, carbon, pollution, bird droppings, bugs and many more fine particles are what tend to create dirty windows over time.

As these various types of dust accumulate on your glass, they tend to stand out and annoy you as they are ‘spots’ blocking your view. When people make the decision to call me, they are always amazed & ecstatic at how clean and clear their windows can become. They usually had no idea how filthy their windows were before they chose to hire a qualified professional to enhance the beauty of their home environment.

Not only are people excited about the improved feeling of clean glass in their home, they are usually surprised at how easy it is to communicate with me. My chief aim is always to leave my clients with a feeling of increased value to themselves and their homes. Your home is your castle and my intention is to respect you and your home with safe, clean, environmentally respectful solutions to cleaning home and business environments.

When you choose to call us, you will discover that quality of service is still available. You can have someone who is open, honest, respectful, kind, and willing to go above and beyond what many companies will do to ensure the experience with me is a memorable and pleasant one.

Fraser Valley Window Cleaner

Fraser Valley Window Cleaner

Thank you for visiting my window cleaning website.  I am a local window cleaner who has been cleaning windows professionally since 2005. In the beginning, I started cleaning windows with a company in the Langley, BC area. Since then, I have sub-contracted for multiple companies, established my own customers and honed my skills and personality to better serve your needs.

This website is intended to provide resources that educate and entertain you. You are welcome to submit your questions related to my services in the comment section at the bottom of this page. I will respond with answers to your questions as soon as possible. How to video’s related to window cleaning are in the process of being created.

Have you ever been cleaning your windows by yourself with windex and a rag and felt frustrated with all the streaks left behind after all your hard work? Many, many people ask me all of the time “How do you get your windows streak-free?” I know that I make it appear easy while I skillfully glide my squeegee across the glass. Let me assure you it is not as easy as it may appear. It can take many years for a window cleaner to hone their skills to the point of effortlessness.

Since it takes considerable time and energy to master any skill, not everyone has the patience or is willing to spend years mastering a new skill. When people see me effortlessly cleaning windows, smiling and enjoying the process, they often find yourself requesting I clean their windows for them. Many people have asked their spouse to clean the windows and simply get tired of waiting for that day to happen.

When you make the decision to hire me to clean your windows, many people are so grateful for not having to climb ladders and do the hard work involved to enjoy the incredible results that a professional can bring to their home. When the view is not blocked by bug spots, fingerprints, bird droppings, etc, it is amazing how much better the feeling in your home is enhanced when you can see clearly again that this is something you really want to take action on.

If you were to decide to hire me to enhance your home environment, you will find the prices reasonable and the service professional. You will see many methods of achieving the desired result which is sparkling, pristine windows and mirrors. Imagine feeling happy and excited about your fresh, shiny clean windows as you relax and enjoy watching a professional enhance your beautiful home environment for you.

If you live in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia and would like to receive a window cleaning quote, you are welcome to call me. I will be happy to enhance your view and give you the quality of service you expect from a professional.



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